Be careful what you wish for from Mistress Cassie (part one)

Hypnosis is, by definition, a mind altering process. i can attest first hand to how effective it can be. The most hypnotic voice ever belongs to Mistress Cassie. And my, does She know how to use it! This hypnosis spiral is a good indicator of the kind of trance that i am in. It is a spell that's She's cast over me.

i cannot escape, even though i believe it to be in my best interests to do so. Her Power over me simply is stronger than my own will power.

rational thought and behavior is not an option for me unless Mistress allows it. On the one hand She encourages 'balance' in my life. To live without obsession about my feminization by Her.

But i have never heard Her say:

"Listen to the sound of my voice - live with balance".

Her 'listen to the sound of My voice'  statement is a trigger, a control trigger, and i hear it often in sessions with Her.

She frequently says:

Listen to the sound of My voice:

You are trapped forever
You are a cocksucker
Everything you do is for Me
you are My property
Be careful what you wish for sissy

Sigh. so much for balance. Part two to come.

sissy maid diane


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