Be careful what you wish for with Mistress Cassie (part two)

Anyone who reads this blog regularly can probably see the signs of my current state, another state of sissy frenzy.

i still hold out hope of escape from Mistress Cassie, despite the compelling evidence of how futile that gesture really is.

The creation of this blog is the result of a sissy assignment from Mistress. Blogs are a place for personal reflections, and the author can pretty much post a She/ he pleases. Mistress is an Author here, and has, from time to time, provided content. Not lately though.   :o)

So, what is this two part post about?

Well, i probably need a trip to the sissy confessional. i am a hairy gurl these days and i don't always cage after masturbation. But this isn't a confession post. i won't be looking for the titalltion that some like in terms of a sissy being punished by Mistress.

No, this is an wish post.

 i wish Mistress would compel me to a phone feminization session before i cave in & intiate the call voluntarily.

i wish She would force me and soon! It's as simple as that & as complicated.

The frenzy continues.

sissy maid diane


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