Diane Arbus

When this photo was taken, she was just 21. At the age of 18, she had married her sweetheart, Allan. She had been married for three years. World War II had been going on for three years, too. 

Her husband was a photographer, and was in the Signal Corps. Before that, he had taken photos for the department store owned by Diane's father. After the war, Allan and Diane would launch their photography business.

Diane worked as the Art Director and Allan as the photographer. They contributed to Glamour, Seventeen, Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and other magazines even though they both "hated the fashion world."

After the war, Diane and Allan had two daughters, but then they sperated and eventually divorced. As a photographer, Diane would eventually become noted for black-and-white snapshots of dwarfs, giants, transgender people,nudists, circus performers or of "people whose normality seems ugly or surreal."

At age 48, having suffered from bouts of depression, Diane committed suicide. She is now considered one of the most significant photographers of her time.

But before all of that, she was 21. Nude, posing for her childhood sweetheart.

Photographer Diane Arbus by her husband, photographer Allan Arbus, 1944.


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