Women Sexy Pubic Hair Style

Pubic hair fascinates me on both men and women. Today I want to talk about female pubic hair. I searched the web and found many interesting designs that I want to share with you. All of the following pictures show different pubic hair styles that both men and women can try. Each style is unique and beautiful in its own way. Here they are:

This style is extremely neat and looks like a wide land strip that extends around her vagina. Looks beautiful.

This one is also a one of beauty. It resembles a bold V.

Now this one is interesting. The green dye makes the pubic hair look like a plant is growing out of her vagina. Its looks sloppy yet somehow planned and sophisticated. Color always adds a hint of thrill and excitement into the style.

This one probably took a while to complete. She made it into a perfect circle. That's amazing - I can't even draw a perfect circle. The Mercedes symbol is high class just like the car itself.

This style is the modification of the single land strip. The middle one is straight while the side ones curve outwards. Perfect symmetry. Awesome look.

A lightening bolt. Faint but beautiful. Nothing more to say about it.

This one is a variation of the bold V found above. It is also very sexy.

A perfect isosceles triangle. It is always difficult to style geometric shapes. Kudos to her.

A natural look. Requires no work whatsoever. Very different from the styles above but still has profound beauty within.

A nicely trimmed pubic area. Implements a little bit of a natural look while adding the elegance of trimming the hair. 

Now this is a good looking heart. The hair has a nice color to give it a bold look. 

Simply a thin landing strip that divides her beautiful body into two.

Last but not the least. This style reminds me of angels wings. Just heavenly. Don't you think?

Out of all the pictures I found on the web, these caught my attention the most. They are all so different yet they all have their own beauty. Dear ladies (and men too), which of these styles have you tried or want to try? 

That's all for now. Next time I will share the pictures of male pubic hair that interest me. Until then.


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